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A Short History of HOFFMAN Ironing Machines.

In 1905 the first steam ironing press was built in America by a German taylor. It consisted of two steam-heated plates that were pressed together.
United States Hoff-Man-Machinery Corporation New York developed this idea futher with their patented hollow chamber plates, moulding and heating plates and their steam valve systems with steam supplied from the heating plate.

It is not known when the name Hoff-Man-Machinery first appeared.

In 1923 Hoff-Man-Machinery Corporation opened sales offices in France,Switzerland and Germany.

In 1924 the first Hoff-Man ironing press was exhibited at the Leipzig Fair.
In 1925 factories were opened in Paris, Zürich and Berlin. At The same time
licences were granted to companies in Italy, Spain and England. In 1935
Hoff-Man USA developed the vacuum suction device that replaced steam
suction by air suction.

In 1943 the factory in Berlin was destroyed by allied bombing.

In 1945 immediately after the end of the war, thanks to the money and machinery
supplied by Hoff-Man in Switzerland, a small factory was set up in Cologne.

What had Hoff-Man then became HOFFMAN.
In the postwar period progress in the development of HOFFMAN ironing machines was made mainly in its European factories. Remarkable what the Europeans produced, and Cologne in particular.The Cologne plant built pneumatic ironing machines as well as ironing shapes to meet all requirements. Alot of patents ensued; e.g.

By 1953 the Cologne plant had become number one in Europe, employing approx. 500 people on its 10.000 sq.m. premises.

In 1977 Hoff-Man USA parted company with all its European plants.
Cologne became independent and traded under the name of HOFFMAN MASCHINEN GMBH, Germany. Some times later the factories in France and Switzerland closed down.

The name HOFFMAN, however, a hallmark of craftmanship and innovation, lived on. The  year 2000 saw the establishment of HOFFMAN Bügelgeräte GmbH, Germany (distributors of ironing applances), a firm that has maintained the high standards of quality expected of its products.